Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 25: Leroy Smith Shelter

4.1 mi

I am definitely ready to get away from the rocks and the long walks between water sources. Not only have we been going long miles between sources, but the trails down to the springs are also long and sometimes steep. The trail down to Stempa Spring was quite steep and rough. In a way I am glad I didn't have to hike it but I did feel bad for not going.

We didn't do many miles today as we were so tired from yesterday and we didn't get much of a chance to rest up in Palmerton. We woke up late today and enjoyed a lazy morning together before getting up. We had very little water left from yesterday, but luckily the spring was running well. We hit the trail around 11:00 and made it to the shelter around 1:20.

We tried something new for lunch, wraps with beans and cheese. We found some premade beans in a rip-pack and used taco shredded cheese. Everything worked out well but we found out shredded cheese doesn't hold up very well without refrigeration. All in all it was worth the weight of the beans.

We are on track to get to DWG (Delaware Water Gap) on Monday (2 days) then by Tuesday we will be out of PA and into NJ. A change of state is always nice. We hope the rocks let up soon and we get more readily accessible water sources.



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