Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 26: Kirkridge Shelter

13.8 mi

The last hurrah of Pennsylvania rocks today was very rough as the PA rocks threw everything at us. Our first 13 ,i were almost exclusively on rocks with very little in the way of actual dirt trail. It was very hard physically as well as mentally. It was hard to look off down the trail and just see nothing but more rocks. the last hurrah was at Wolf Rocks where we had the large slab style rocks to navigate along the ridge and large boulder fields leading up to and away from the ridge. After that the trail moved back to almost normal trail. PA has been a very gruelling hike. Except for some highlights, I'd chose to skip it. In fact I hope I never have to hike it again.

We met the ridgerunner today, John (Coldwater) and had a chance to chat. He is very nice. Hope we run into him again on the Long Trail, or at least his journal entries. It was fun listening to stories about some of the things he's seen on the AT. He at least as an easier to maintain section, but he hears about the section south of his where the day/weekend use people park near the trail and throw all their trash in a pile under the no trash sign. We passed that pile and it was disheartening.

Most of the people (read all) from last nights shelter decided to press on to DWG. We opted not to just to get some rest. We can't get our mail until tomorrow anyways so best to recover from the rocks and prepare for NJ. Besides, surprises come in the least expected ways. After the ridgerunner and another thru-hiker left for the night we thought we were alone for the night until another hiker came in from the water trail and gave us some Klondike Bars. What a treat. We sat and chatted for a bit before she left.



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