Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 31: Unionville, NY

11.4 mi

We are moving a little faster than planned which was good. We got our maildrop of new trekking poles. the terrain has been pretty good so far and improving daily. The rocks after High Point State Park were mostly gone. We made excellent time. I also got a small blister on the bottom of my foot. Not sure if I pushed out the miles too fast. Its so hard to tell why I get them. I think I am sliding around too much in the sandals when going downhill.

We thought about staying at the Former Mayors place (a hostel/trail angel) but after talking to the guy and hearing he makes people who stay watch a video we opted to pass. What started to really weird us out was his extremely forward manner. In spite of not calling for a lift, he came to get us and even on the phone kept insisting on picking us up. We finally opted to just stay free in the park then leave early in the morning. Problem was, they were not allowing campers to stay there anymore. Which he didn't tell us when we told him we weren't going to stay with him. So we are at the Bar Hostel. A bit wierd but we will get up early and leave for Vernon.



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