Monday, July 06, 2009

Time to hit the trail

I have been on the water so much the last month that I think I am starting to feel a little water logged. Not only did I do the week long kayaking training certification but that weekend I taught two classes. One class was one on one instruction as only two people showed up and two instructors. I have also been running a lot of social paddles as well as peer paddles both during the week and on the weekend. Last week I ran the gorge with some friends and was so excited to be trying out a play boat that I forgot to change from my glasses to my sun glasses with the strap. Needless to say, I left my glasses on the bottom of the Potomac. At least it was only my glasses. The boat was so squirrelly that I kept capsizing it. So I really got in my rolling practice that run. I am waiting for my new glasses to come in. I decided to just order a few off the internet and I hope I can get the lasik done on my eyes at the end of summer.

So after all that paddling, it is time to go hit the trails. I have a nice gravity filter to play with as well as a sleep system by Therm-A-Rest that I can't wait to try. The system is supposed to feel more like a bed then a body bag. I hope I can sleep better. Only problem is my hiking partner is not here and I am not sure I want to carry the big tent. I am waiting for a lighter tent to arrive but in the mean time I think I might just tarp tent on this trip. I cam bring the hammock and optionally if there are good trees I can swing for the night.

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