Saturday, July 04, 2009

Crabs and fireworks

I was invited to join some people for the 4th of July celebrations. I hadn't really done anything either here in DC or any place I lived for the 4th so I wasn't sure but I figured these were people I was paddling with and a good time would be had. And I was right. I knew a few of the people at the party and met others which was nice. We talked about kayaking and watched some kayak porn videos as well as one girl showed off her Africa pictures from when she hiked Kilimanjaro.

The day started off with moving boats around and getting them down to the put in before the streets were closed off. After that we sat around talking about the Africa pictures while snacking on all sorts of junk goodness. We enjoyed a crab boil and dessert before walking down to the put in. It was very strange to be walking against the crowd dressed for kayaking but without the kayak. We had several comments, the best of which was a remark about expecting that much rain. We paddled out around Roosevelt Island to where we could see the monuments and parked ourselves. With one sea kayak and about 8 white water boats, the sea kayak held the beer stash. The fireworks were great, coming up from behind the monuments. I shot some video, a bit shaky from the current but still cool. We paddled back in the dark with the flow of traffic this time. Loaded up the kayaks and gear and walked back. We ate more food and stayed to watch more kayak porn while waiting for the traffic to die down. What a great time. It makes me sad to think that I didn't do this last year because I let my self get talked out of it.

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