Sunday, April 26, 2009

More paddling

I have been trying to make friends with some of the white water people and so this gave me a chance to go out paddling with someone on sunday morning. It was quite nice to get back out on the white water side of things, but again I noticed that I have to work on skills and practice more of the basics. I don't think I forgot what I had learned last year but I didn't really have much time last season to really work on the skills that make up the foundation of white water kayaking. So I did some practicing of peeling in and out of the eddy lines as well as just paddling up into the current to get in shape again. I have to work on my core muscles as they don't seem as capable of paddling like they did at the end of the paddling season last year. Oh well. I did have a great time getting out. I missed my roll a few times and I think I am getting a little sloppy with my roll so I will have to pay more attention to that and break myself of some bad habits. It was good to get out.

I did do a quick day hike after I got off the water mostly because I am trying to break in some shoes. It was a really hot weekend and I was also curious if the full leather of the shoe would also cause my feet to over heat. I didn't notice any over heating which was good but I did notice I was tired from the paddling which caused me to hike a bit slower than usual. I think the shoes are a little too small. I will have to look into getting one size bigger. I like the shoes and would like to have the correct size.

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