Monday, June 01, 2009

New reviews site

I have been working like crazy on a new website based on the gear testing I do for the backpacking group I am a part of. This site is for kayak gear reviews and hopefully testing in the future. Right now the site is still really young but I have been working hard on both the front end to make it look good and the back end to make it stable and useful to the people who would be using the site. The site can be found here I hope that this site will eventually get up and running as I really do believe that it can be a useful resource to people who are looking into buying kayaking gear. Not only that but I also hope to build a community around the site that the members can use to interact with. I have a forums and a social aspect to the site already set up and the reviews will be listed on another part of the site. I am really psyched up about this and hope it will work out well. I am going to the Summer OR show this year and hope that I will have time to approach companies about the site and see if I can generate some interest in getting manufacturers to test gear with the site. So rather then get outside and enjoy myself this Memorial day weekend, I actually put in many hours of work getting the site up and running and tweaking things to look just the way I want them too. I actually had to wait a few days for all the DNS servers to populate with the address and figure out if I had all the setting set correctly. Everything looks really good and KGR is live and ready to go. The site went live today which is really cool.

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