Thursday, May 07, 2009

Slowing down?

I don't have a lot of stuff to do at work lately. I know there is a pile of stuff coming up, mostly in the form of paper work, but after that I really don't have any projects I am actively working on. My one project will be sending me out of town shortly on a business trip which is never fun. So I feel like I am slowing down. I get home and have no desire to do anything at home. I sit down and watch episodes of stuff I download for viewing and knit. I am working on a large lace project. I have a few things on back burners that I hope will come through soon. I don't have the motivation to work on them from home, plus my internet connection disappeared so I work on them a little at work. Hopefully they will bear fruit soon. I also have a new white water meetup group I started and I am waiting for that ball to start rolling on that one. I am already up to 100 members in about 2 weeks, which is great, but we have to wait for the water levels to drop before it is safe to get out on the river in any large numbers. Right now there was so much rain that the river was at flood levels. I am still planning on going out Friday night with some people, on a flat water, protected section. Then again on Saturday morning as I need the exercise. I really do need to get out of this funk I seem to have slipped into but it is hard. Work is no longer challenging, nor interesting. The economy sucks so I can't just find another job and move on.

I have started a new writing project. I have already fleshed out most of my outline, at least enough to give me a good start. I have started writing each point as a section and have about three sections finished now. This is almost 6,000 words. I haven't actually done much work at the writing group gatherings as I keep forgetting my iPod cable. At first the iPod was the storage location for my outline. I finally moved the outline to my google docs and then I couldn't get a connection the last time I was at the cafe. This week, there was no writing gathering as no one was able to make it. I went home and watched more stuff while knitting. Oh well. At least I have some kayaking friday and saturday, plus a beer meeting saturday afternoon. The I leave on a business trip which are always boring. At least I will have plenty of time to get some writing done.

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