Monday, May 18, 2009


I went to the Mid-Atlantic Kayak Festival this weekend and I had a pretty good time. I was a little disappointed at first that the conditions would not be present for me to do the BCU 3 star training but I think it worked out best in the end that I did the training on flat water then did the ACA L3 assessment the next day which is also on flat water. I learned a lot of new things and learned how to do a lot of old things properly which was great. The last day saw more conditions when the wind picked up and I had a chance to play with some bigger waves and learn how to better control my boat in wind and wave. It was a good weekend all around for learning. It was also nice to just spend the whole weekend up at the camp grounds and not have to worry about tenting (we stayed in cabins), food (they cooked for us), and entertainment (the speakers were great as was the live music). They announced that they would be holding the festival again next year which is great for them. The classes were quite small this year but I think that once word gets out, the classes will be filled up more next year. This was definitely a good way to learn new skills while staying close to home. The drive was barely an hour to get out to the location.

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