Monday, June 22, 2009

A week of Kayaking

I just spent the last week doing almost nothing but kayaking and learning about kayaking skills. Although I was the oldest student in the class I had a great time and learned a lot. The week started off with learning some classroom stuff before heading out on the lake (really a glorified pond) and learning water skills. Tuesday was more classroom stuff followed by more pond time which also included filming us as we demonstrated the skills we learned on Monday. Wednesday was more classroom time, followed by pool and pond time both with more filming, followed by a creeking run. I think this is part of the GW loop I have heard about and it was a lot of fun. Thursday we managed to get in more water time before we watched the films. I have to work on keeping my head down when rolling and I don't turn my wrist back enough. Friday was a really big day as we had to paddle up the canal, we jumped off canal falls, which is an eight foot drop. We ran the river down through the gorge and it was quite high and a bit gnarly. I managed to remain upright until Center Chutes when we started surfing the waves. Then we did more on the water skills. I did very well, which made me happy. I could have done a bit better if I had more confidence in the class III water conditions we experienced. I was just happy that I managed to ferry across and back without flipping. Saturday I took out a class for the Meetup group and another class on Sunday morning which was a river run. I surfed a little at Offut, missed my first roll, then was back up. Seven days of kayaking. Today really sucks. I think I officially hate my job. Time to plan another river run.

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