Saturday, April 25, 2009

Band-aid Beer

I made it to another homebrewers meeting. I wasn't sure I wanted to go as I had just dropped of my friend at the airport the other day and we had had a very busy 5 weeks running around to various events. In the end, I did go with a friend and had a chance to try a variety of beers. I brought my new batch of Duval and an old bottle of my Oatmeal Porter. Seems I am getting a reputation as a good brewer at these events as people are starting to ask which ones are my beer. This is nice and heartening. I did have a chance to try a contaminated beer that the guy had dubbed "the band-aid beer" due to the fact that it smelled and tasted like an old plastic band-aid. More it was the smell and taste of plastic that stood out. I probably shouldn't have tried it but out of curiosity I did give it a small taste. I hope I never have to taste something like that again. It was rather foul and I should have known better. Good thing there was plenty of other stuff to drink so I could remove the taste from my mouth. The night turned out to be a much later night then I expected and I am still trying to catch up on sleep and house chores. I don't think I did any cleaning over the last few weeks. Just a wipe here and there as needed but nothing more. I miss my company though, it is very quiet here now.

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