Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crazy busy

Today was a crazy busy day. We got back from Montreal yesterday which was about a 10+ hour drive. Today consisted of having to finish cleaning all the stuff out of the car, running out to get some food, loading the roof rack and kayaks on the car as well as prepping food, packing kayaking gear, packing car camping gear, and loading it all back in the car. We leave for South Carolina tomorrow which will amount to about an 8+ hour drive. At least the weather should be nice this weekend. This is the second year I have traveled to the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival and I hope I have just as much fun this time as I had last time. I was more careful to not over book my days with classes, but I suspect I will still be really busy with on the water events. I am really looking forward to doing the ocean classes as I haven't yet managed to really get my sea kayak out on the ocean yet. The packing was interesting as I tried to figure out where to stick all the paddles. I didn't really need to bring as many as I did but I wasn't the only one paddling and I had to bring paddles for both boats. This led to an interesting mix of paddles ranging from touring, to high-angle aggressive, to white water, to a greenland paddle. Good thing I had the paddle lock on the roof to handle the fixed shaft paddles, made packing the trunk that much easier when I didn't have to worry about opening up the trunk and the back seat.

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