Monday, April 13, 2009

La cabane à sucre

We were up in Montreal over the Easter break. In fact I took off quite a big stretch of time so I could do something else after I got back from Easter. The weather was rather cold, but the trip was worth it. I wanted to get a bunch of things done, but in the end I didn't really do much more then relax and try to have a pleasant visit with family. We arrived early Friday morning after a long drive and tried to get some rest. I didn't have much success so I just got up and went down to chat. Later that day I finally bought some blue jeans. I haven't had a proper fitting pair in at least 2 years and felt it was finally time to get a pair. I ended up with 4 pairs that I found at the second hand store. Nothing like a pair or pre-broken in jeans. Saturday morning is traditionally when we get together with my grandparents and have breakfast at a local restaurant together. This was fun as I got to show off my book to everyone. After that I rested and did almost nothing. Sunday we went to downtown Montreal to go to the bookstore and browse as well as tour a little bit of Montreal as my guest had never been there before. I had hoped to hit the leather store as my parents were telling me about this really nice coat they had on sale, but alas they were closed. It was Easter after all. Monday was another relaxing day as we went over to a friend's house to chat, show off my book some more, and get my knees tortured by her. I was happy to hear that my knees are doing much better. I also helped her with some knitting help and showed off a piece of lace I was knitting the last time I visited with her.

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