Thursday, April 02, 2009

Formating work

I have the editing finished for the most part. I also slogged through most of the grammar errors that Word picked out as I was fixing up other edits. I am sure I missed something somewhere but I have to move on and hope I catch it as I go through and work on formating. The formating wasn't a simple thing. I assumed I could set up most of the stuff with document wide settings but I was wrong. I was able to set up an inner margin and an outer margin that way plus set up different headers depending if it was an even page or an odd page. Otherwise, I had to go through each chapter and make sure the chapter titles all lined up in the same location, as well as formating the first letter of each chapter to a larger drop-letter format which required some placement work too. The last thing was to go through and format all the section dividers into something a little nicer. The bear of the work is done and I am now ready to upload to the site.

The site upload was another eye opening experience. Just when I thought everything was done I realized I didn't have a book synopsis, nor did I have a cover. I was hoping that the cover generator that the site had would work for me but as I moved through the steps, I realized I didn't like how it was turning out. So in the end, I had more work to do with a book synopsis, which I also placed on the back cover, choosing a cover image and formating that, as well as setting other little behind the scene things that may or may not have any impact on the book itself but required my attention through the process. I did get it finished and requested my free proof copy. I can't wait to see how it looks.

While I was editing everything on the one site I concurrently did things on the other site to ensure I was getting both copies as close in format as possible. I will only be able to see how things turn out when I actually get the proof copy plus the copies I ordered off I really can't wait to see what the finished product looks like but at the same time I am simply exhaused by the whole process.

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