Sunday, March 01, 2009

Planning session

A group of backpackers in the area who have been active over the winter have decided to run a last ditch to winter backpacking trip up to the White Mountains at the end of March. As such we decided to get together for a planning session to figure out what trail we wanted to follow and what hut and shelters we wanted to stay at. The planning session didn't have nearly as much planning as was hoped for but we did have lots of fun staying up late and drinking then crashing. We did get some tentative plans in place to go with which is good. I am really psyched up for this trip. I hope there will still be lots of snow so I can get in one last good usage of the snowshoes I have been playing with. I feel bad that the winter here really isn't cooperating at all. I have travels out to West Virginia, and Pennsylvania in search of snow and been disappointed.

Too bad the weather didn't cooperate this weekend. I was hoping it would be halfway nice as I was hoping to bring my kayak down to the lake and get some water time. Alas the weather was simply too cold and the threat of rain was heavy in the air. So I opted to leave the boats at home which was a good thing as it starting raining shortly after we arrived. Looked like it froze overnight too. The nice thing about this lake is that part of it is used to cool the reactor across the lake and so the water is generally warmer then other bodies of water. Fun to play in but the weather simply hasn't been that cooperative lately.



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