Friday, February 13, 2009

Guest in town

A fellow gear tester is coming to town today to stay with me. Just in time to enjoy a trip with a group of us that we have planned this weekend. This should be fun although I fear he will find the east coast quite flat. At least he should be able to keep up. The group is meeting up at a hotel for the night just to make things easy then we will be hitting the trail in the morning once we set up shuttles. It is cool to meet other gear testers and talk about the gear they are testing or have tested. It is also nice to hear about the areas they hike in. I really like the areas described in the gear reports from people out west and hope one day that I can move out there and experience real mountains. So last night was busy and so it today. I had to pack everything up for the weekend trip and load it in the car. Today I have been trying to sort out car pooling and we decided to just go with a third car to make things easier. I am working all day today then I have to run home, get the car then dodge rush hour traffic to get my guest from the airport. Then off to the hotel near the trail head. Should be a fun 3 plus hours of driving. Good time to get to know each other.



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