Saturday, March 07, 2009

The beer is on again

I put a couple of batches in the last couple of months, but nothing serious. I was mostly just using up the ingredients I had bought a long time ago and that I knew to still be good. I went out to the beer store the other day and picked up the ingredients to make 3 Belgian style beers and I started one of the batches today. This beer is a clone brew from the book "beers cloned". I chose the Vlaskop because the description sounded good. I am hoping this beer and the other two I chose will turn out good. I opted to make three beers that are similar in style so I could reuse the yeast cake from each batch into the next batch. Saves money and the yeast is better able to make the bigger beers when primed on a smaller beer. I just don't quite have enough space to ferment three beers in secondary. Belgian style beers seems to require a longer time in secondary to really age the beer well. I might have to syphon out the third beer off the yeast, wash the bottle then but the beer back in the same bottle. Oh well.

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