Sunday, September 28, 2008

Intense WW kayaing day

Yesterday was an intense day for white water kayaking. I started the day at 10:00 with a level 3 class that ran for 4 hours. I wasn't sure what to expect for the class but the water was big. We put in below Great Falls on the Potomac and tried to cross over a large current. I didn't make it and had trouble rolling back up. I think I also have a mental block that prevents me from rolling once I know someone is right beside me. Once the instructor was right there I just gave him my hand to pull me back up. I should have tried to roll anyways. I don't think any of us were really ready for that lesson. Most of us had trouble rolling back up and while I didn't let myself capsize again, I had a few near tippings. I think if we had started off with a good roll in calm water that would have boosted our morale.

I went to the social paddle at 5:00 and started working on things that should be second nature at this point. I am really sore today. I did play a little in the hole, but as one of the instructors was trying to get us to work on skills, I decided to work on ferrying across with him most of the 2 hour event. I realize that as much fun as it is to try to get in the hole and play with it, I need to work on skills that will let me play better in the future.

It was a rather drab and overcast day too. The sun barely peaked out at one point and for the rest of the day it rained off and on. At least we were all wet so we didn't notice the rain very much. It actually was kind of fun to paddle in the rain, calming and relaxing as we just floated down the river.



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