Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy weekend

This was a lazy weekend. We managed to get in some repair time on the kayaks and tightened the replaced deck lines and put in foam padding to make for a better fit. I think my kayak might be a bit too big for me. I likely should have gone with the Force 3 but I didn't want to buy a boat I had never paddled before. I had tried the Force 4 and had really liked the one I had paddled. I didn't think there would be that many differences but I guess there were a few. Sunday was quite windy with winds of at least 10 mph and gusting up to 15 mph. That may not seem like much but in a kayak on open water, it is a lot. The waves were not too bad but the wind was awful. I had been having trouble with my forward stroke and was working on trying to improve it. So once I killed my arms, the proper movements all came together to give me a good stroke. Now if only I can remember that on the next paddle. We had to fight the wind back and over about 2 miles. Once on the other side, we did manage to get some rest in the lee of some trees, but the current was pushing us back out in the the wind. Mildly challenging conditions but at least I have improved some.

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