Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brookhaven Again

I had to go up to Upton NY for the spring set of experiments. We also have a summer set and fall set. Big fun there. The summer run dates just came out and we got stuck with a Friday and Saturday as the boss responded a whopping 3 hours after the schedule came out. We had been warned that dates move fast, but we were unprepared for them going that fast. So in the future we now know to response immediately to avoid getting weekends. So basically one whole weekend in June is now shot. There was the small hope of getting out Saturday night after the run, but we have a 24 hour harvest point to deal with so leaving early is out. At least part of the team might be able to leave a bit early. Oh well. I will have to talk to the boss about getting off a few days to swap out for the loss of that weekend.

We actually went up to Upton without the boss this time. It was interesting to not have him around but I think next time we will bring him along. I think he was sad that his teaching schedule didn't allow him to go on this trip. Or rather maybe he had hoped to go so as to avoid the teaching schedule. Oh well, the mice were of the right age so that was that.



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