Sunday, January 20, 2008

Double booked pool

The pool was double booked today. Since the other group was there first, we got cancelled. I wonder if we had shown up first if they would have delayed or cancelled the synchronized swimming competition. Could have been interesting trying to kick 50 kayakers out of the pool so they can judge some swimming event. I'm sure the parents would have kicked up more of a fit then we did. In the end, there was no rolling today and we are to get a refund for that class value. I would have preferred the rolling but this works okay. A bunch of us went down to the local coffee shop and chatted for a while.

It was really cold today too. I was supposed to go on an overnight trip on the Friday that got cancelled due to some unexpected logistics. We didn't know the parking area closed at 5:00 so hadn't planned on leaving work early that day. It would have been a good test of sleeping bags and mattresses. I was just wearing my sandals today since I thought I was going to be running from the warm car to the warm pool. Alas, I had to stand out in the cold and retie my kayak back down. My poor toes turned into little ice cubes before I had a chance to encase them in socks and shoes. At least my down parka kept me warm. I'm sure the neoprene top I was wearing helped some too. Oh well, looking forward to next Sunday's lesson. And tomorrow is a holiday so I can relax and clean up a bit.



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