Monday, January 14, 2008

Kayak rolling 101

I registered for two 4 week classes on learning how to roll a kayak. Yesterday was my first class of eight. I was really excited to be going and a little scared as I wasn't sure what to expect. At least I knew there would be some people there that I would know, so that helped some. The pool was an Olympic sized pool and everyone who already knew how to roll was set up to play in the deep end. Everyone who wanted to learn was set up in the shallow end. There were a lot of new people who wanted to learn to roll white water boots but only 2 people in sea kayaks. How to feel out of place. I listened to the instructor and we started off with T-rescues as the basis behind the T-rescue can help you learn the motions of a good roll. By the end of the class, the instructor was walking around and assisting everyone through the motions of the roll. I did 2 assisted half rolls then 3 assisted full rolls. One was a really good roll but the other two I stuck my shoulder out too far and over balanced myself. The water in the cockpit that was sloshing around didn't help my balance either. But it was a good day. I think I got more helpful instruction from my friend and the DVD he had lent me then from the instructor. But I think that gave me a head start. Next week I hope I can do an unassisted roll. All in all, it was fun to finally start learning how to roll, and in the pool it was very comfortable.

So today I am feeling the pain of rolling. I am still trying to get over the remnants of my cold and whenever I cough my sides hurt, a lot. My back, neck, arms and the back of my legs also hurt. I think some of the neck and arm pain is from carrying in the groceries on Saturday but the back and side pain is definitely from rolling. I could use a good masseuse right now. If I lean to the side to emulate a roll, I can feel the pain. Good thing I have a week to recover. Guess I should try to add some stretching for those areas. The hot tub at the pool was an added bonus. I would have like to relax longer in the hot tub but I had a co-worker's housewarming to go to. It was fun and the food was very good.

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