Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazy rainy weekend

What a lazy weekend. It rained for most of Saturday afternoon and into Sunday. It didn't help that I wasn't feeling good and my boyfriend had a sore throat. We ended up sleeping in and getting almost nothing done. It was quite relaxing but I felt really lazy for having done very little. We did manage a little shopping and then caught a movie.

I had a chance to get my new rain coat that I am testing wet this weekend. The reports are due soon on the coat and matching pants so I need to finish them and get them in. I am testing a GoLite soft shell rain coat and pants set. The set is interesting because the inside and outside of the jacket and pants are made of a brush nylon. It really does not look like a traditional rain coat and neither does it feel like one. They are relatively quite when I move and are soft to the touch. The pants are stand alone rather then a shell and the jacket is comfortable enough to wear just a t-shirt under and not have to worry about sticking to the inside. I really can't wait to really get these items out on a hard hike with rain. What has me wondering is how much it really can stop rain from seeping in through the fabric.

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