Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holy Moly IPA

I put on a new batch of beer about 1 week ago. The experiment of the week was that I was going to move the 1st beer to secondary then put a new batch of beer on the old beers yeast cake. The idea behind this is to reuse yeast (the Wyeast I am using is rather expensive) but the main reason for doing this is that the yeast that is left behind is already primed and at its most active. By putting another beer on top of this activated yeast, the fermentation time should be less. I moved the Holy Moly IPA on Sunday and brewed a quick extraction beer, meaning a shorter boil time and no grains to slow me down. The second beer is another jalepeno beer since everyone at Journal Pub has been requesting more. The fermentation on the second beer seems to be finishing up and it has only been three days. The beer is still a little cloudy but another day or two and it will be ready for secondary. I am then going to rack another beer onto the yeast cake and see if I can get a third beer out of the same yeast. It may not have been a good idea to brew a spicy beer between two non-spicy beers. I am also not sure what the yeast can handle in terms of spice. But so far so good. Since I am actually getting a few bucks from the Journal Pub, I might as well make the drinkers happy. It isn't much but it covers ingredients.

I got news that the chocolate extract is in and available so I will be picking that up shortly and will see how the stout tastes as a chocolate. I will also pick up the remaining ingredients for making a mead and will put that on when a fermentor becomes available. The next batch will then be the cranberry honey white that I have had on the back burner for awhile. I have all the ingredients but I am waiting for space and a fermentor.

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