Saturday, April 14, 2007


The movie of the week this week was Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg is a Marine snipper whose position becomes compromised. He looses his best friend and spotter and finds out that they have been left behind. He gets back to society and retires form the force to persue a better and simpler life. The story to this point was interesting and full of potential. The story after this point seemed a little lacking after the great start. I still enjoyed the movie and the special effects. The story picks up three years later when Walhberg is asked to plan an assassination against the president then help prevent it. The shot is to be taken from a great distance. After the shot, Wahlberg's character is framed for the attempted assassination which killed an innocent bystander. From this point Wahlberg is either running or planning retribution for being set up. There were few points were the movie didn't move forward and plot holes were answered by a secondary support character. It all came together nicely in the end for a satisfying movie experience.

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