Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hiking was a bust

I was actually up and at the meeting point for the hiking this morning but I couldn't find any of the other hikers. I did find the photography meetup and a backpacking meetup (which maybe I should have asked them for more info before running off, looked like an interesting group) but alas, I did not find the dayhike group. I decided to go snowshoeing instead as a last push on the snowshoes, but alas, there was no snow to be had. So in the end, I went to the beer store for supplies for the nest batch and then I went and joined the movie meetup.

I decided that the next batch of beer was going to be a honey cranberry white. The hoeny white turned out nice if a little strong and the tentative tastings of the cranberry white seemed promising. So I decided to combine the two recipes into one 5 gallon recipe. I also found a cranberry concentrate syrup that I will use to flavour the beer along with cranberries. I can't wait to get this batch going to see how it turns out. While this is still not my own recipe, I find that I am now experimenting more and getting further from the recipes I have found online. I am looking into getting the book "Designing Great Beers" so that I can branch off completely on my own and try to come up with something unique that I like.

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