Friday, March 30, 2007

Journal Pub

It used to be that every Friday was Journal Pub. Rather than getting together to discuss journals (ie journal club) the students and staff would get together Friday to just chat. For some reason the guy who was taking care of Journal Pub stopped doing it. At first, we just did one on our own with a few people in our lab, then a few more. Then I meet my boyfriend, but still no journal pub. So I contacted the guy who was setting them up and told him I had beer. Well that got a response. So we had a Journal Pub tonight with the homebrew. Everyone enoyed the beer very much. The surprise was that the few people who tried it, really liked the jalepeno beer. I had four different types of beer, a stout, a belgian ale, a maple brown and the spicy beer. The first three were in kegs while the last one was in bottles (I actually only brought in two bottles because a little goes a long way). Good thing I also brought the carbon dioxide tank in too as for some reason one of the kegs had lost pressure over the week. We also had drank enough to drop the pressure in one keg such that dispensing was slowing down. Can't have that now.

In the end the Journal Pub was a great success and I collected some money from the tip jar. This is a nice feature that was already in place but allowed me to get a few bucks for ingredients for the next batch and possibly that homebrew book I've had my eye on. So now it is time to plan the next batch. I am thinking of an IPA just for something fast and simple that has universal appeal. It also means that I can go from nothing to beer in about 2-3 weeks and keep the beer flowing. Then I can move on to a cranberry honey white, something that will be an amalgamation of two other recipes.

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Blogger Sam said...

Journal Pub sounds like an ingenious idea. A little homebrew doesn't hurt either.

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