Friday, March 23, 2007

Wow, Hard drive woes

I recently tried to replace the hard drive on my laptop. I figured it would be easy. Back up the data, swap drives, replace data. Unfortunately swapping was the easy part. Once I got the correct tools, I had no problems swapping out the drives. I didn't have too much problems backing up the data, which ended up getting done in two different ways. It was the getting it back onto the new hard drive that was the problem. Once I formatted the disk and moved things over, the computer didn't want to start, then the permissions were horribly off and the disk utility had to be run several times. In the end it took about 2 days to finally get the hard drive backed up then another 2 days to get the data back on and all the permissions working correctly. The laptop is still at work but at least it is working. I will have to pick it up in the morning before I head out for a hike.

I decided last minute to maybe go hiking. I figure if I wake up in time then I will go, otherwise, I will catch up on sleep and cleaning. I haven't been home in a while. Mostly I end up back at the apartment to feed the cat then I am off and running. Since my boyfriend will be un in NYC this weekend, I will have lots of free time to get some of the back log of to do's done.

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