Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A nice long weekend

So Friday was a holiday. I worked anyways so I could take Monday off. My parents came down to visit with me. They arrived Friday night and left this morning. It felt like all we did was shop but we did spend lots of time together and in the evenings we sat and talked. Only because I have no TV but it was good quality time together. My boyfriend got back Sunday night and we all had a chance to get together Sunday for supper and Monday after work he came over for supper again. They seemed happy that I found someone that they liked. I was also saved from another night on the floor. My camping air mattress is comfortable but to a point. If I can avoid the floor, I am happier. Also, it keeps the cat out of my face.

I brought home some of the kegs and my father had a chance to taste two of the three beers I had on tap. I also bottled some for my brother to try later. Hopefully the bottle didn't cause a loss of too much carbonation. I had to chill the bottles and drop the pressure in the keg enough to dispense without causing too much foaming up. I think I am slowly getting the hang of working the kegs. I put another batch of beer on, more like an IPA. I have one empty keg available so I should look into another tap then I am set. I have ingredients for another two batches of IPA style beers that I will run back to back on the same yeast cake. They I will be moving on to a cranberry honey white and a mead. I have the honey and I have the yeast, all I am waiting for is a fermentor to become free for a long term fermentation.

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