Monday, March 26, 2007

The beer is kegged and chilling

So I found out yesterday why the beer I had previously kegged and attempted to carbonate naturally then pressure carbonate was still flat. I was getting really great head on the beer but underneath the beer was still flat. Apparently the beer needs to be cold in order for it to retain the carbonation. So where am I going to find a large empty fridge to stor two kegs in? Why at work of course. We have a large deli like fridge in the smaller lab that no one uses. I ended up bringing the Three Pistoles and the Maple Nut Brown to work on sunday before going to the movies in an attempt to chill them and see if they were ready. So today was the big day and lo and behold, the beer was carbonated and quite drinkable. I actually grabbed everyone fromthe lab and we went down for a mini-tasting. They liked the beers so it is time for a party.

I am thinking of having a keg party on Friday to share the wealth. I am trying to decide if I want to have a slightly bigger party here at work, or a smaller more selective one at my place. Since I don't really have a sofa, here at work might be a bit better. I also still have the Chocolate Stout waiting in the wings for the chocolate extract. Apparently only a few of the Whole Foods in the area actually carries the stuff and none of them are nearby and the only one I did find didn't have the extract on Sunday. So I will try to go during the week so I can have that beer ready for the keg party on Friday too. I figure that if I have three kegs of beer at the party and a relatively small number of people, I will still have beer left over for later. The alternative would be to bring the beer as a stout and get the chocolate later and repressurize the keg after addition of the extract. More painful but doable. I could also add the extract into the bottles and bottle the pressurized beer into the extract for bottled Chocolate Stout. Decisions, decisions with only a few days to decide. Oh well, I am sure everything will work out.

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Blogger Sam said...

You mentioned a couple posts ago about buying that beer book and coming up with your won special recipes. Have you ever considered pursuing that to the point of selling it? The micro-brew market is a hot one and the internet is endless. If shipping restrictions prohibit you mailing it, you could set up with a retailer who could sell it for you. I'd love to try your stuff.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Canadian Loonie said...

It is almost every hobbists dream to be able to make money off their hobby. But when it comes to alcohol, the government makes it hard. Not only would I have to pay thousands to get the right permits, then I have to get large scale equipment and scale up recipes. Maybe if I win the lotto or find someone willing to put up the capital, but that won't happen for a while, sorry.

2:49 PM  

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