Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So Sore

I had to power walk down to the theater on Sunday in order to get to the showing in time. Especially since it was the last showing of the day. It was so nice out, I was wearing my sandals. Unfortunately I am so sore from the power walk down then the haul back up the hill. I almost think it is a good thing I didn't end up going hiking on Saturday otherwise I might have been even more sore and in more areas. As it is, it is mostly my ankles, calves and buttocks. But my sandals also ripped up my feet a little so there are sore spots on my feet too. At least I got out and had some fresh air, sun and exercise. Since the walk down is about 35 minutes, and 40 minutes back I did get some good exercise and I managed to blow through some more podcasts. I noticed that I haven't been listening to anything on my iPod as I have been spending so much of my free time with my boyfriend.

I actually find it very strange to say I have a boyfriend. I sort of feel that I have hit an age where you date or have someone in your life but don't actually have boyfriends anymore. Boyfriends seem to be something that teenagers and twenty-somethings have.


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