Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New hard drive

I filled up the hard drive on my laptop. Boy did that space go quickly. 60G gone over about 6 months use. I would normally have backed up things on my Linux box. I also wouldn't have downloaded songs for storage onto the laptop. But, since I can't get the laptop to talk with the Linux server, I am stuck with a rapidly filling hard drive. I just received a new 120G drive and am in the process of moving the data around. In essence this involves copying the entire contents of my hard drive onto another computer then swapping drives then moving everything onto the new drive. Hopefully I won't have to reinstall OS X but that might have to happen. I think this weekend that I will also try to boot up the old G4 Mac and try to get that computer to talk with the Linux server. If I can get the two of them to talk over the network, I might be able to off load from the laptop to the G4 then from G4 to Linux, painful but at least I will have backed things up. I guess I could just burn things onto a CD and have a secondary backup.



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