Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cow sock

Cow sock
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I finally had a chance to get out and try the snowshoes. I was a little worried as I was driving out to WVA as there was no snow on either the roads or the fields. My hiking partner called ahead and they said the trails were open with fresh powder so off we went. It wasn't until we were heading up into the hills that we finally encountered snow. The going got a little slippery but nothing that a little cautious driving couldn't handle. When we finally found the place, the wind was really up and the snow was coming down. After stepping outside, dressed for DC weather and a warm car, it was cold out. We basically ran to the warming hut to put more layers on and get another pair of snowshoes. I ended up peeling about 10 minutes into the hike after we hit trees. The day was nice and I had a lot of fun snowshoeing. I really can't wait to get out again. I have a report to write up on these and a cool pic to go with it.

We passed this really cute cow shaped wind sock on our hike up to the trail. It was really windy and we had not built up any heat so the picture was taken on the way back. At that point, I was sufficiently warm to stop and take a few pictures. I nearly froze my hands off though, that wind was really biting. I had my film camera with me and snapped a few of the cow, thought I would try the blue filter I got off Freecycle. I am interested to see what it dows to the picture. As I didn't notice the mountains behind me, I had to pull the camera out a second time and snap a few more pics, freeze my already cold hands some more. The drive back was interesting as once we were coming down from the mountains we left the snow behind and the sun even came back out. The weather was great in DC.

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