Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More tests finished

I managed to get a whole slew of reports written and uploaded for the gear testing I do. It was not a good week when I found out I had at least 4 reports due in the span of 1 week. I had at least written most of each report over the last 2 weeks leaving proofreading and tying up the ends. The spanner in the works came when I received a new backpack for testing bringing the report count up to 5 due in the next few days. Add on the new man in my life and things became quite interesting. Thank goodness I invested in a laptop months ago. Double thank goodness that there is a wifi node at his apartment that I can use to get access to my reports (I find I am doing just about everything online nowadays). So I managed to get everything in under the wire. So I am now the proud owner of a set of YakTrax, a GoLite long sleeve shirt and a Redledge fleece jacket. I am now in test mode for a bivy, a backpack, snowshoes (hopefully West Virginia won't run out of snow any time soon), and two little pocket books. I also recently put in a application to test rain gear. I hope I get chosen for the jacket and pants set. I try to never get my hopes up, I send in an application then forget about it until I get an email saying congratulations. It is best to not get too attached during the application process.



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