Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lab move in day

So the lab was moved in today. We got the freezers plugged back in and most things ended up where it needed to be. So on monday the unpacking will begin. The move in actually went very smoothly. The trucks fit in the loading dock area, and since it was saturday we didn't have to worry about blocking traffic. They managed to get everything off loaded in about 3 hours. Not to bad considering we filled up two trucks. So for the rest of today I am vegging out in the hotel room.

I did walk over to see a basement apartment. The apartment was 1200$ with parking and supposedly "a creative use of space". I quickly found out that meant there was no extra space to speak of. It was absolutely tiny. My current bedroom was bigger than the bedroom and living room combined. There was no way all my stuff would have fit in the place. I would have been living on boxes. And the rent was quite high for something so tiny. The person doing the showing tried to justify it by saying that was what it had been rented at before. Well I don't care what it was rented for before, it was highway robbery. Needless to say I will not be taking it and so I am still looking for a place. I think I will meet with a few of the roommate responders to see if anyone will match with me.


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