Friday, September 08, 2006

My very own cellphone

For those who know I have a cellphone, this seems like a given. But actually, I was sharing a plan with my roommate. As the plan was actually in their name, I guess I technically was not an owner of the phone or the plan even though I paid my half. Due to my imminent relocation, we have had to split the shared plan into two separate plans. It is nice that the shared plan and the split plan will be comparable in cost. The problem was that the company did not know how to properly split the plan so both of us spent lots of time in phone run arounds, then we went to the store and got more phone running around. A person in the know was finally tracked down and the plan was properly split. The one nice thing I learned was that I must finally have a credit rating worthy of having my own cell phone as they did not require a hefty deposit. I tried to get a cell phone on my own before and was told I would have to pay almost the entire 1 year bill up front and that they only offered one plan that was much more than I wanted, needed or was willing to pay. So I am glad things worked out with minimal fuss in that department. I am not sure what my financial situation will be like for the next few months with having to move then getting rembursements after the fact. Hopefully a replacement roommate can be found for the Boston place so I will have less to worry about. I really need to get some ads up at work but I am waiting for my roommate to get me a write up so he can state his desired roomate, which makes sense and I am not complain but I am really getting nervous about the seeming lateness in the start of looking. I hope to be able to get someone for an October move in date.


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