Saturday, September 09, 2006


Went to see Hollywoodland with a movie group. I was not a very good movie. The critics are saying that this is Ben Afleck's comeback movie. If you watch this and reflect on that sentiment, you will realize that Ben, who can't act, plays someone who can't act. So what he is doing is acting at his normal level of not being able to act. When I went to see this movie I actually had it confused in my mind with The Black Dalia. I really hate it when Hollywood feels the need to have two or three movies open that are the same basic theme just with different actors. Both movies are about unsolved murders happening in Hollywood and the intrigue that surrounded them. So since I saw Hollywoodland, is there really any reason to go see The Black Dalia. I am sure the studios want me to see it so they can make money off me, but the first movie left a bad taste in my mouth. As it is an unsolved crime, the movie does not have a satisfactory ending. It really did not feel like the movie ended at all and I felt like I was left hanging, waiting for more. This is not a state I like to be in and I am sure most people will agree with me. I am either going to the movies to lose myself in a story or for a cheap thrill with lots of gratuitous car chases. This movie didn't fall into either category. It did not even fit into that rare category of going to the movies to learn something new. Okay so I didn't know anything about George Reeves, who plays Superman, but after watching this film all I know is that George Reeves played Superman. If I was really that interested I could have looked it up on or googled it.


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