Thursday, September 07, 2006

Listen to me chat about gear

I gave a little interview for a podcast show about two weeks ago and I just got news back that the show has been produced and aired. It was a hard interview to do as I discovered that while I can write a report on my views and opinions, I apparently have trouble expressing myself out loud. The interview was done over the phone and the person at the other end had to prompt me more than a few times. Sometimes I wasn't sure what he wanted and other times I wasn't giving enough information. In the end he took all my answers and chopped out the ah and ums to make me sound better than I did. When it comes to gear, I am generally very chatty, but the other guy who was interviewed seemed to do a better job than me. All in all, it doesn't sound that bad and he did a good job pulling my sometimes scattered answers together into a semblance of order. If you are interested, you can listed to someone butcher my last name (okay he only slightly mangle it) and here me talk here. I really enjoy testing gear, but I guess to be honest, I really enjoy getting free gear. There really is no better price than that. I only have to use the gear in the field then write up my opinion on how well it worked and held up. Not too shabby.


Anonymous Steve Sergeant said...


I'm sorry I mispronounced your name. But thank you for participating. I thought you did fine job of reviewing the tent, you sound thoughtful and knowledgeable. I'd be happy to have you do another review for the show in the future.

9:29 PM  

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