Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crazy Trip

I had a rather hectic last few days. I spent the weekend in Montreal. It was a whirl wind visit. It was nice that my brother was also in Montreal at the same time. I spent most of Friday shopping with my mother which was nice. I picked up two pairs of pants that fit better than my current jeans. I also broke down and bought two purses. This will look better than having cell phone and wallet bulges in my pockets.

So after a busy weekend, I went to work Monday and Tuesday then left straight from work to go the airport. I had to check my overnight bag which was just a small backpack because it had toothpaste and hair gel in it. I flew down to DC to see the new lab space and see the campus. The flight down was crazy, basically I spent 2 hours on the runway waiting for the weather to clear up and the backlog for take off to clear up. So I didn't arrive at the hotel until 11:00. I basically walked in and jumped into bed right away. The next day was full of running around seeing lab space with the boss, checking out the animal facilities, and talking to lots of people. Good thing I had the laptop and some work files. The deadline for submitting some of our animal protocols was the end off the month. So I got them in in time. Then the boss and I ran over to the NIH to catch a talk from one of our collaborators who is normally in Europe. It was nice to see some of the project coming together.

I left from the NIH by Metro to go back to the airport. I arrived in time for the earlier shuttle flight but was told if I had checked luggage I should stay on the original flight. So I sat in the airport for another hour. I arrived in Boston and after waiting for the bags to come off, I noticed my bag was not there. Turns out they put it on the earlier flight which I was told not to bother with. I could have been in bed early but no. And to add insult to injury, I just missed the silver shuttle to the T so I had to wait another 15 minutes. Ack!


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