Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend in Montreal

I spent the weekend in Montreal. I got to have some poutine and steamies. And we saw a film together as a family and went to Barbie's, our favourite resaurant. Basically, a food feast. But a good time had by all. I put the final touches on my mothers sweater and she was thrilled to get it. Good timing too, as the weather is starting to cool off in the mornings and evenings.

I decided last minute to bring the cat with me. Thought it would be fun and he could play with my other cat. I had fun but it seems the cat didn't. First, Percy (my little cat) didn't remember Scotty (my big cat). So Percy was hissing and spitting at Scotty and although Scotty really didn't care, he did care when he couldn't eat in peace. Looks like someone was caught in the litter box too as there was litter everywhere. So I felt a little bad bringing him, but they eventually came to a truce and accepted each other. Then I tossed him in the car and drove back to Boston. Poor cat. And it rained the whole way back.

On a good note, my wipers are finally fully operational. The wipers gave up the ghost a while back and when my father and I worked on them, we thought we had fixed them. Seems we hadn't. They gave up again on the drive up so we fixed them on Saturday. Seems that not only had the nut popped off, but one of the arms had actually seized up. So I picked up a used arm assembly and we popped it back in. Now they work perfectly. Good thing the motor was still in good shape. I dread to wonder how much a new motor and arm assembly would have cost.


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