Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gearing up for Hiking

I just got back form DC yesterday and now I am running around trying to get everything together for a backpacking trip. I have Friday off and will be leaving Friday morning. So I have to plan my food, get all the gear together, bake some breakfast cookies and get the maps out. I will be hiking with someone else who has hiked before but never backpacked so I will be lending him a pack. Had to run down to the storage cubby twice looking for all my gear. The weather has been cooler and I expect it to be cold un in the mountains so I had to track down my thermal underwear. I assumed they were in the drawer with all the other hiking gear but I was wrong, they were in the storage cubby in a box. So I think I have everything piled up and ready to go. The pack is weighing in at 28 lbs. Not bad but it is 3 lbs more than last time and I am trying to account for the difference; thermals, extra cookies maybe, extra sleeping bag as one is not warm enough, and I impulse bought an Orikaso solo set to play with. I think that actually accounts for the weight difference from last time I hiked where I was only carrying 25 lbs. I really can't wait until I am done with the testing of the tent. Then I can remove 5.5 lbs from my pack in one shot and replace it with something in the 1 lb range. I think this will end up being the last backpacking trip before I move. Not really sure if I will get any hiking in after I move either., so it may be the last trip of the year. I guess only time will tell.


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