Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally a credit card

I finally have a credit card. I didn't realize that by not using my Canadian credit card that they would just up and cancel it due to non-use. When I called them they claimed it would be easy to get another one, trival the guy said. Little did he know that I had just started a new job and as such was ineligible. As I was at my new job barely three months before running off for a better job, I have been sitting around in limbo waiting until I was eligible, or at least where my chances of rejection would ben lower.

So the other day, I finally got up the nerve to try again for an American credit card. I have long been denied this as I am not a student, have no credit history and am not a resident. Not that the last thing should matter, but without the first two you are basically up sh*t creek without a paddle or a credit card. After talking to someone else who is a member of the same bank as me, I decided now is the time. As I am with the Harvard credit union, they understand that people who work here are not all students, or have credit histories, so supposedly they are a little more lenient. And with little fan fare, I noticed when I logged into my account that there was a new entry for my credit card. Now all I have to do is figure out how to develop a good credit history and rating so I can eventually buy a big ticket item like a house.


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