Thursday, August 24, 2006

And the down side is...

So the bad-ish news is that all this moving is going to happen in October, most likely in the middle and all at once. So we will have to pack up the lab, and find a moving company. I will also have to give notice with my landlady and find another apartment. I will also have to try to find a roommate to replace me. I will have to move around the same time as the lab so I can be here for the packing and in Georgetown for the unpacking. I will have to figure out where everything will go and organize the lab. Should prove interesting but I think it will be nice to organize the layout of the lab.

I am actually feeling a little bad for the cat. I am sure he is not going to want to hop in the car for a long trip to DC and I don't think I want to fly him down. Besides, the car will have to get down there somehow, might as well drive it down with the cat. I will likely have to drug him or I don't think either of us will survive the trip. Google claims it is a 9 hour drive. Might have to have a litter box available too.


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