Thursday, August 24, 2006

Washington, here I come!

So it looks like its official, the lab is relocating to Washington, DC. I will be going down to visit the campus and see the lab space. This will be nice and give me a chance to talk with the animal facility about protocols for sending down our animals. The boss claims that the animal facilities there are very nice, I really hope so. While the animal facilities here seem to be nice, once you have been working in them you soon discover it is all an illusion. Once that happens, it is hard to take the facility seriously and even harder to bother following the rules. On a good note, I am getting a really nice pay raise and I think a new job title. I would like Jack of all Trades, but it was not available. Oh well. We did see some pics of the lab space. It looks spacious, actually a little bigger than what we currently have, but the layout is not very nice and things are not very new. The lab we are in right now was refurbished and is nice a clean. From the pics there does not seem to be any individual cubbies for us to work in and the benches and shelving are only okay.


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