Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Water can kill you but...

Sure, everyone knows water can kill you. I think some people have actually read about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide. So it was with great amusement that I sat on the T watching people walk across the wet floor of the car like they were walking on a tight rope. Some people didn't even want to enter the section for fear of getting their feet wet. The seats were dry so only the floor had been hosed down. The amusement factor was in watching someone in regular street clothes walking like they were afraid a little water would dissolve their clothes. I can understand if someone had a really nice suit or dress on that they might want to avoid the potential for dirt, but most poeple who sat in the area where really not dressed that nicely. So in the end, my commute was make a little more amusing by watching people deal with the wet floor.


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