Monday, April 17, 2006

Crazy Weekend

Any time I drive up to Montreal is a crazy weekend and this was no exception. It just seems like I have a million things I want to do and only enough time to do half of it. This weekend I needed to get some packing done for my move at the end of the month and to pick up a few things. I did remember to pick up my film for my camera but I think I forgot to get other small items. Nothing that was important so no big deal. So in the end, most of my bedroom is packed, with just a few books left and some clothes in the closet. I should be able to toss all that in one more box and be done with the bedroom. I also have to track down some stuff in the rest of the house. I have some flour jars and a cutting board in the kitchen, skis and kayak stuff in the garage. Boxes under the stairs and in the garage to be sorted out.

I meant to give the car a washing this weekend as it is long due for one. But unfortunately the weather decided to rain before I washed and not after. So no bath this weekend. It may just have to wait until after I move, hopefully the new place have a hose and spigot I can use. I gave my wax to my father so I will have to go get more sometime. The car needs work on it and I should start saving up for that. It is amazing how cars just seem to attract dings and dents when you are not looking. I expecially like how the car just seemed to lose part of the mirror housing. It is like it grew legs and walked off. There it was gone, not a sign of it anywhere and the mirror was cracked too. I think someone hit my car, cleaned up the mess then drove off, not that I can prove this.


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