Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Trail Days - May 19-21

Trail days this year is May 19 to 21. I had heard great things about Trail Days from Northbounders last year, but I never had a chance to go to one. They are geared for the Northbounder, and as usual, us Southbounders are left out of the loop. Supposedly, this is a great place for people interested in thru-hiking, and a great place for people who have thru-hiked to meet up with friends they met on the trail. I would like to go but it is in Damascus Virginia and that is a bit of a hull to drive. Maybe I will try to set up for my next section hike to coincide with Trail Days so I can go to it. I had heard that vendors set up tables there and give out free samples. So it is NH, or at least it was in Hanover last year, that is closer and in the fall, so maybe I will try to get to that this year.

I can't wait to move, because then I will have all my camping gear available for use, amoung other things. I have been itching to get back out on the trail on some nice weekend hikes. I have been going for weekly day hikes at a local park, but backpacking is different. I did pick up my hiking sandals so I can start breaking my feet back into those. I have noticed they chafe a little in a few spots, so I have some calluses to build up. Guess my feet have gone soft over the winter. I will have to fix that.


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