Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Its Snowing!!!

Okay, who requested April flurries. I left for work this morning and it was cold but otherwise okay out. The sun was mostly behind ominous rain clouds but who would have suspected that those clouds would open up and drop snow instead. I heard one of the other commuters talking about how it was raining out but when I got off several stops later, it had morphed into large fluffy flakes of white stuff. Thankfully there was no accumulation. I do in a way want snow but not here in the city. I would rather see it out in the mountains as I still have to test a pair of YakTrax for BackPackGearTest. It will be hard to test them without snow. I was also thinking of testing them in mud, and wet leaves to see if they will help give better traction there too.

So another test series has been completed for BackPackGearTest. I have finished testing a leather boot sealant. It is beeswax based and actually quite nice. Too bad the only boots I had to test them on are kind of uncomfortable to wear. They are too rigid around my ankle for hiking in. They do work very well as winter boots as I have plenty of room for an extra layer of thick wool socks to keep my toes warm. I finally found a use for all those wool socks I knit and can't wear. I discovered I have tender feet, and knit socks are hard to walk on as they are rough on the inside. So I still have one more active series to finish testing and I have two more potential tests that I am waiting for to arrive. I was supposed to get a sleeping bag twice but those tests fell through. Too bad, I really want a down sleeping bag. There is still one outstanding test call for a down sleeping bag, otherwise, maybe next winter.


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