Friday, March 31, 2006

A place to call home

I finally have an apartment. I just found out yesterday that I got the place and can move in in May. It is quite nice and very close to a T station and to the Minute Man bike trail. It is the second floor of a family house and there is laundry and storage space in the basement. I will also have two parking spots, one of which is in a garage. The kitchen is a little on the small side but it is a really nice kitchen with lots of storage and nice appliances. And the counterspace, while a little minimal is large enough to work on. I was also talking to the old tenents and they have asked if I wanted to buy their really nice dining room table. So I will have a really nice dining room table with no chairs. I will get chairs when I can I guess. It is an Ikea table so maybe they have nice matching chairs I can buy to go with the table. I will likely have to buy themone ata a time as they are somewhat expensiva and I still have to pay off the car and feed my hiking gear habit. It has been getting hungry again lately. I noticed that REI is having a Garage Sale so that may appease it for a while. And selling off old gear to buy new gear will help.

So I will be moving in the first weekend of May and hopefully everything will go well. I hope I can find enough people to help move so my knees don't die on me. In the mean time I have to arrange for utilities and a moving truck. I think the utilities part will be easy and the truck part will be the hard part. I will find out soon enough. At least it is not close to Quebec's official moving day.


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