Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back in Boston and still looking

So, I made it back in one piece from DC. I wish I had been a little more with it while I was there. I also wish the equipment had been running properly so I could have been a little more productive. So now I am back in Boston and still looking for an apartment. The search radius has been expanded a little. I would still like to be relatively close to a T station. Since the end of the month is coming, there may be a new influx of apartments to look at too. I am still hoping for something really nice to turn up.

I actually felt productive in the lab today. I did a maxi prep for one of the post docs and that took most of the day. A maxi prep means I isolated DNA from bacterial cells. I will also be talking with the invetigator about starting to work on one of the mawy projects they have going on in the lab. At least now I know I will not be off jet setting to DC in a few days. Now is the best time to get involved in a project. I kind of know where most things are in the lab and I have time. I also have organised a good chunk of the lab and the rest can be either left until later of tidied a little then ignored. I think I finally figured out how to use the pipets I found. They had a very interesting button under the finger area that caused the piston to lock in the down position. When released, the piston snapped back up which is not good for pipetting purposes. I figured I had to hold the lock closed when pushing down on the piston the first time to prevent it from locking, then I draw up the liquid. When pushing down the second time on the piston to release the liquid then I let the piston lock and that ensures all the liquid was ejected. Now all I need to do is find pipet tips that fit it. It seems it is a larger diameter than the tips we currently use. Oh well. I need a set of pipets and this is a perfectly good set so I might as well just get tips for them. I don't think it is necessary to order more pipets at this stage so this is the cheaper way of getting a really good set.

I get the feeling I have very boring blog entries. Who really wants to read the drivel that comes out of my fingers. I guess I am really doing this for me and no one else so what do I care.


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They're not boring, I read them all the time and so does Jon from what I gather. Also, I tell mom what you are up to and sometimes she also reads them. Am off to Africa again next weekend, only for 5 days though, enough time to go there, spend 2 days and then back..

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